AquaHold +

Newest results of the scientific work of AquaSoil – MS Licence BV !

 The known AquaHold sandwich has got two new features which are increasing the efficiency of this product and decreasing the water consumption for the irrigation.

To optimise the hydrophobic feature of AquaHold as sandwich structure, a layer of white peat (not peat moss or coconut peat) should be applied on the upper geo-textile to avoid the contact from the topsoil to the AquaHold felt.

Because a good soil like AquaSoil contains a high portion of super absorbent, which is hydrophilic, the contact to the special geo-textile could partly inhibit the function. This means that materials with two antithetical surface tensions should be separated, which is realised with the white peat layer.

BASF, the producer of the super absorbent, confirms that the incorporated chemical water storage will not sink down, and that a neutral layer between topsoil and AquaHold is advisable and secures the function as phase separator between the good soil and the salty ground.

To avoid an over-irrigation either sensors or pairs of metallic conductors should be employed on the upper AquaHold felt.

If the irrigation water reaches these sensors, the electrical resistance between the conductors drops down, which can be used as signal to stop the irrigation taps. This strongly supports the features as phase separation and avoids water being lost into deeper sections of the ground.

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