AquaProof is triple-layer material, which combines the high tensile strength of EPDM rubber with the inertness of pure PTFE.

The rubber layers are giving the mechanical stability, flexibility and the base for joints, whereas the PTFE ( polytetrafluoroethylene, known as “TEFLON” ) gives the long-time stability.

PTFE is stable against all anaerobic and aerobic processes in the ground, against acids, lye’s and all chemical solvents, against UV and against temperatures up to 300°C.

This world-wide unique product is perfectly suitable as:

  • Golf Course lake liners
  • Recreational Pond liners
  • Aquaculture Pond liners
  • Canal Liners
  • Potable Water Reservoir liners
  • Re-use Pond liners
  • Secondary Containment
  • Roof liners
  • etc.

This material cannot be destroyed, besides by mechanical impacts, against which the rubber gives the protection.

To have the guaranty for eternity, only PTFE can provide that!

In all regions which are located under the sea-level, the salty water is pressed into the sweet, good soil at the surface and spoils the growth of any plant.

Therefore AquaProof was developed to stop such an effect for ever! This material is stabile for hundreds of years without changing its properties over or underground.

AquaProof is made for the eternity!

If a long lasting barrier is needed to separate the wet, salty ground from the perfect soil, AquaProof is one of the few materials in the world, which has such properties.

To employ AquaProof at site is quite easy, because the seams can be performed with a welding system or with a special glue, which combinding the layers to be absolutely tight with each other.

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