Pilot Test 1

In Dubai a Pilot Test was made at the Nakheel Island Development. This property development was envisaged (and has now been implement) through the sea reclamation in the shape of a ‘Palm’, and hence the Arabic word “Nakheel”. Nakheel is being developed by the property giant Emaar.

A small plot of land with a total area of about 100 square meters was provided to our agents for the Middle East (G4 General Trading LLC, a 10-year general trading establishment house based in Dubai).

The soil preparation in this land plot was made besides the large landscaping currently being performed on Nakheel Island. Therefore, the same plant/seedlings were provided to G4 General Trading as the other plots. Planting was started for all the fields in June 2006, with daily monitoring of the Pilot Test plot. By end-July 2006 the results were analysed. Since then, G4 General Trading has also been requested with another Pilot Test plot for “Sorouh Island” and it is expected that results will be available by end-October 2006. (see: Pilot Test 2)

The photograph taken (and provided below) provides a comparison in the same strip of landscaping under the First Pilot Test plot at Nakheel Island which shows the difference of a field with traditional soil (left photograph) and the field using AquaSoil (right photograph). It is also worthy to mentional that all conventional fields were irrigated on a daily basis, whereas the field with AquaSoil was irrigated each second day.

What seems to be a miracle is just the effect of a scientifically designed, accurately produced and perfectly employed super-soil!

Field with traditional soil

Field with AquaSoil

and after further 4 month’s:
traditional soil and                              AquaSoil !

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